Friday, March 19, 2010

The Year of the Black Rainbow

Well then, as I make this post I am listening to a leak of YOTBR. Can not decide what I think of it yet. However, it seems Im about a week late as most people already have this leak! If you need it, just AIM me (its VBR MP3 right now).

This leak is very well seeded on both what.CD and Demonoid, just in case you were wondering. Im sure it is elsewhere by now.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coheed and Cambria - The Broken

As this is now old news, I apologize forthwith. However, I finally had a chance to sit down and listen to this shit a few times while at work. I have mixed feelings initially, but I am quite excited for the new album, as the KBI portion of the story has always intrigued me the most. Personal thanks to John for not only supporting the band, but for pointing me to any easier download for this mp3. I hate myspace and thusly I feel strongly enough not to brave the terror of shitty code just to grab the new song from Coheed's myspace page.

Rest assured I already have Year of the Black Rainbow preordered twice over, and hopefully I will get off my lazy ass and put down my thoughts on the album before its ooooold news.

Sidenote, I preferred 'The Bag On-Line Adventures of Coheed and Cambria' - just for the record >:3

Major congrats to Chris Pennie, for filling Josh's MASSIVE shoes. On the topic of Josh, all of you motherfu's better be listening to and supporting WEERD SCIENCE as it is clearly THE SHIT. Mad props to all of the Eppards (Josh, Joe, and Jimmy) and I wish them nothing but prosperity and happiness.

PS. If you live near Tempe, Arizona (ASU campus) and are interested in a free show; Story of The Year and Thrice will be playing next Friday, Feb 19th near the SRC (Student Rec Center.) kthxbai.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Decade in Video Games(2000-2009)

2000- finished Legend of Mana for the first time ever (finally) - finished FFVIII and loved every minute of it. The summer was spent gaming 24/7 until school resumed. Fall/winter brought the excitement of FFIX, couldn't put it down, and little to no homework was completed as a result. Still playing Star Fox 64 and Golden Eye at this point as well. Finally played Final Fantasy Tactics, beat it twice, this would set the stage for my secret love affair with tactical RPGs.

2001- Replaying FF titles, destroyed LoZ: Ocarina AND Majora's Mask. Excited for PS2, got one for good grades (hell yes) replayed all of the old Armored Core games, and started in on AC2 for the PS2. Finally discovered emulation on the `tubes, and after graduating from AOL into broadband, proceeded to download GBs upon GBs of NES/SNES/Genesis/NeoGeo/Saturn games. Realization that Perfect Dark is superior in every way to Golden Eye.

2002- Still hooked on PS2, had one disc read error already. Started PC gaming with HL Platinum Pack and never looked back. TFC, CS1.6, and DoD matches from 8pm to 8am through the weekends. Learned about shit-talking on the voice chat, remarkedly easier than shit-talking in AOL chat rooms. Heard rumors about NS1.0 late in the year, HalfLife has other mods, WAT?!

2003- Still PS2 gaming in between PC gaming. Couldn't stop playing Natural Selection, formed a clan that would go on to play some major matches, with big dreams of getting into CAL matches. (still training in CS1.6 and DoD). STEAM would release toward the end of the year, SO NOT AMUSED. Give me my WONID back you assholes.

2004- STILL playing NS/CS/DoD, despite STEAM failure. Eventually got tired of STEAM and its shenanigans - got a job, preordered Ninja Gaiden on the xbox before I even owned an xbox. The next day after preordering, I would become the new owner of an xbox, with the s-controller, none of that goofy faux-dreamcast slash hamburger controller. It was a somewhat novel year, Halo, Ninja Gaiden, DOA Extreme, learning that FPS games other than Golden Eye could be fun on the console, but still preference WSAD FPS action. In high school I was very much labelled a gaming nerd, I even participated in Halo tourneys on school campus. Met a few interesting girls, none gamers, sadface. Also picked up Halo2 and would begin my dark descent into XBOX LIVE (FREE 3 MONTH PROMO!~~).

2005- Largely too busy being cool to game in the beginning of the year. Met a girl, she gamed as hard as if not harder than I did at the time, fell in love. Sparked the replay of FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFT. We played many games together as a result. Xbox and XBL would fall by the wayside as all my free trials had finally run out. Preparing for college, got a new PC and laptop, and continued playing NS/CS/DoD PuGs with no clan.

2006- Out of high school, still managed to find time to play games during college. Still with the same girl, we would go on to play Pokemanz together, play FFXI together, and many others.

2007- Still in college, amazingly. Finally procured a near-free X360 that was broken, fixed it promptly and set about diving back into the dark abyss of XBL. With a new gamertag, I set off with Forza2, RB6Vegas, Halo3, and many others. The girl got me a Wii at retail price, you bet I still love her profusely. Couldnt stop playing Wii Sports. The girl now owned PS3, dun dun dunnnnn~ (still playing Pokemanz). Also of note, I started playing Guild Wars with her, as well as Ragnarok Online and a few others. We even hosted our own RO server at one point out of her house. (omg <333) Came across my first RROD this year and it took several months to fix it. We soft modded our PSPs together, too. (and that was her idea)

2008- Games change forever, etc - I'm still on XBL, the girl now gets an X360 and I end up fixing 2 more RRODs this year. Many of my friends are replacing X360s left and right. Girl gets MGS4 on its release date, and we play it together almost non-stop through the summer on a 52in Sony Bravia. I figured out how to soft-mod the Wii and never payed for Wii games again. The girl procured an RDS to hax our Pokemanz and backup saves. God damn, I love her.

2009- Very crazy year, I picked up a lot of x360 titles on release day, among them: Forza3, blazblue, Borderlands, and so on. Started playing NS/CS:S/DoD again, picked up WoW and played on private servers. I still managed to find time for a rekindling with RO and GW. Finally found AION private server right before xmas. Even managed to fix 2 more RRODs this year. Would you believe I still use that half-broken launch x360 I got back in 2007? Had to add more parts to get it to work: a new DVD-ROM and a cheap 120GB hdd to install games to. I have since been religiously babying the new DVD-ROM by installing ALL GAMES to the HDD. As the sun sets on the 2000s, 2010 promises even more spectacular games and most likely many more hardware failures.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Top 5 Artists That Made it Big This Decade

''Coheed and Cambria hit the decade like a storm with Second Stage Turbine Blade, the concept album of all concept albums,. With lyrics and story from a sci-fi novel, the band blended cosmic geekry with epic lyrics. But the meat and potatoes was the rocky riffs, brilliant lead work and a hard rock attitude that brought out the best of influences from Rush and 70s progressive rock.'' link: [ ]

Inspired by Threedonia, I'm gonna go John Cusack ala High Fidelity on this and make a top 5 list. Seeing as High Fidelity was filmed in 2000, it seems fitting this will be 'My Top 5 Artists That Made it Big This Decade'.

I think this decade will always hold a special place in my heart, even though great music was too few and far between. I came of age during the 2000's, I learned and loved and all that other stuff. I went through high school, through college, through loss, and through love. I hope to punctuate the end of my student years with this list, as I grow older I hope to never forget the music that got me through school and helped shape me.

Alright, enough shenanigans, on to the list:

Coheed and Cambria − The reason they top the list: The Second Stage Turbine Blade then In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 were both major hits, they appeared at Warped Tour, and have done numerous other headliners. While I favor the first two albums (as you may notice elsewhere on this website) I listen to all Coheed has to offer on a fairly regular basis. Both of the Good Apollo albums are amazing - just in completely different ways from SSTB and IKSSE3. While Coheed was formed prior to the beginning of this decade, as we all know, they really killed it starting in 2002-2003. With the original story of Coheed and Cambria drawing to a close, I doubt this is the last we will see of the lovable Claudio Sanchez.

The Format − They are an Arizona-local indie/punk band that blew up mostly by word of mouth and the internet through the thick of my high school years. This band punctuated my early high school life, and as such, I will always have a place in my heart for Interventions + Lullabies. Although they have been on hiatus for a little more than a year now, I remain hopeful that these guys will start it back up again and make some more great music. In the interim, I will enjoy the band 'Fun' as a pseudo-replacement.

Muse − A transcendent band formed prior to the beginning of the decade. So rarely in this decade did a band come around and, in my opinion, go above and beyond the current trends and style. Absolution was an amazing album, but Black Holes and Revelations was what really killed it for me. Both of these albums see regular rotation in my iPod, my car's disc changer, and my Songbird [link] playlists.

Rogue Wave − I actually just found out about these guys in late 2007/early 2008. I am a big fan of Asleep at Heaven's Gate. This is one band where I am not afraid to admit that I only really enjoy that album, the rest do not appeal to me nearly as much. Although admittedly, I probably just haven't given Descended Like Vultures or Out of the Shadow a chance. These guys recently blew up, so to speak, what with movie appearances and other features on soundtracks. To Pat Spurgeon: good luck and tidings waiting on that kidney transplant if you haven't already received one. Don't give up; all good things come to those who wait, right?

Authority Zero − These guys maybe blew up a bit too much. I remember Authority pre-MTV, these guys are from my high school town - Mesa, Arizona. A Passage in Time is a great punk album, and the follow-up Andiamo was amazing as well. Although with Authority Zero, it’s not so much about the recorded music as it is about the shows. These guys have KILLED IT at every venue I have seen them. They have played bars in Scottsdale, The Marquee in Tempe, the newer ZIA Records in Chandler, and countless others. I probably couldn't count the number of times I have seen them live, and I guess that's one of the few benefits to living in Arizona. If you haven't heard them perform ‘'Rattlin' Bog'' live, in a bar, with a beer tightly clasped in your hand -- I HIGHLY recommend it. Although, it seems they have faded out a bit in recent months.

Honorable Mention:
The Postal Service − This is a choice that I am sure to get a lot of shit for, but I couldn't care less. I was introduced to this band in 2005, by Laurels (also known as the love of my life: see also It's not that these guys have really struck gold *YET* seeing as the current band members are too busy with Death Cab for Cutie and Dntel. But I put The Postal Service a rider on this Top 5 as a mention, as I can see great things coming from these fellows in 2010 and beyond.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Year of the Black Rainbow

After 2 years of radio silence over here at As some of you may or may not know, Coheed and Cambria have finally announced the first album.

The new album will be titled, ''Year of the Black Rainbow,'' and is set for release in April 2010 and will be followed by a headline tour of the US.

The new album will be the ''Origin Story'' or ''The Prequel,'' and likely the final story of the ongoing concept story of ''The Amory Wars.''

With ''Year of the Black Rainbow,'' there will be deluxe package that includes a NOVEL OF THE SAME NAME. Not a graphic novel, but a full prose novel, which will tell the origins of Coheed and Cambria, and much more. Presales will start near the end of December, exact date and pricing to be announced soon.

Some song titles are: ''Here We are Juggernaut,'' ''The Broken,'' ''Pearl of the Stars,'' and ''Guns of Summer.''

Co-writing the book with Claudio is Peter David

I will hopefully be updating this more soon, with even more delicious details (full track list, possibly some leaks - we shall see.) I plan on personally ordering several copies of the album and the novel, and I hope to scan some excerpts from the novel to spark a bit more interest >:3

Still awaiting more information from both The Prize Fighter Inferno and Davenport Cabinet as well. Stay tuned, and as always --
Scare you...

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shabutie 'Punk' Demos

I haven't updated in a bit, this one is for any of you that have not heard the older SHabutie 'Punk' Demos.

(And please remember to right click and save as, do not just left click, that will play the file instead of downloading it)

These tracks include:
Have You a Little Fairy in Your Home
Punk Song
Sarah Lawrence Strikes Back
Sun Blue

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hay guys thanks so much for continually hotlinking to my mp3s and my scans. That really helps out my bandwidth situation! If you like my files so much, just download them to your hard drive. There is NO REASON to hotlink my scans for your stupid myspace backgrounds, or to hotlink my mp3s to your stupid-fuck flash internet media players.

I will begin to take the offense on bandwidth leechers. First the subtle approach, then a forceful approach, and it will escalate like that, quite rapidly.

I provide these files to the masses FOR FREE, download them all you like (in fact tell your friends to download them, too) just DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT directly link to a song or image or video file that I have hosted here. All my files are intended for downloading and enjoying, NOT for myspace faggotry (that goes for friendster, too).

Also I do realize its been forever since I have updated this place - for that I am sorry as usual, but working 40hr a week and going to school is a bit of a drain. (and fitting boozing and general retardation into that busy schedule is practically an art)

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas, mofos!

So yes, it is precisely 11:45pm Mountain Standard Time or something like that, so somewhere it is December 25th, which means its Christmas somewhere, and it'll be christmas day here as soon as I finish this post. Anyways, Im up spreading X-mas joy because Im building the rig of a lifetime here, DFI SLi-DR Expert mobo, opteron 165 CPU, and a bunch more goodies from my old rig, all inside a new Antec p180 case. Its so amazing, working with this mobo is great, but the case is HARD to build inside of. I love every minute of it though, and I hope to get some prelim. testing in before I fall asleep and then really delve into overclocking it all by tomorrow morning. Then maybe have a respectable clock come new years. (and have all cooling issues resolved.) Well I'll see you all later, and don't despair - 'I wish god damn it, we'll make it if you believe'

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

We made it!

The Anti-New-Neutrality Bill was shut down, so thats a HUGE win for all of us private ineternet users out there that DONT want some huge corporation strictly governing our internet usage. Read more about Net-Neutrality here.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Long post, wow, so many things -- also Steven, here's the run down for RAZR modding/hacking :D

Okie dokie Im still a bit hung over, but I want to get most this out there before I pass out from all the delicious foodstuffs. Happy Turkey Day, BITCHES ^.^

Alright, first things first. Wow.. just wow. I remember now why Chris, Shea, and Wacker were some of the best friends I had. Me and Ryan actually went over to see them last night, and god damn it was good. In addition, Tommy, Steven, and Justine were all there... oh yea, and Phil too, as well as the girls. We all had some good drinks together (I have now realized the power of alcohol, the healer of wounds, mender of fences, deligator of commons, etc, etc and I could go on like this)

I dont remember a lot of specifics, that is how I knew it was a great time. However, I remember everyone has a RAZR, really gay shit, haha. Ive got the gunmetal Ver, as does Shea, then Justine has the metallic pink V3r (looks better than the poofy pearl pink new one, oh and guys DONT FORGET TO MAIL IN THOSE DAMN REBATES, YA SLACKERS), and Steven, being the omnipotent Canadian that he is, has one of the best Moto RAZRs, the black cingular V3/V3c (I still havent pinpointed which, but they are essentially the same when it comes to features and hacking.)

Its too bad Daerion and Hermanez had other plans (Daerion seeing his dad, and Hermanez had work early in the morning)

Alright, on to the good stuff. The technology. The XBOX360s they have are pretty cool, and no reported problems from Tommy OR Chris, so that is good. Chris still has that DELL desktop I set up for him (lol we need to upgrade that shit), Wacker's got what SOUNDS like the same, or a very similar-to-Laurens Toshiba lappy (powered by celeron M), justine has some busted up Compaq (hawhaw shes fucked like I am, Compaq/HP are shit), and Shea is still ballin' with the same laptop as Ryan (fags bought them at the same time, same place, with the same ASU cash)

Ok now, I thinking just 'upgrade' Justines lappy with my 'legal backup copy' of OEM WinXP, see how much that fixes, then clean up her registry, scan for malware/virii, then check out her porn stash. Next, uninstall any useless compaq/hp software, check for BIOS updates, check for new or better drivers (mainly for the video card and fucking crappy mainboard). That should fix everything, and if not, well then Ill have to bust out the big guns and start editing the registry my damn self to make it work. (it probably needs RAM, too - but Im sorry, I gave all my extra laptop RAM to Ryan to alleviate his bogging p4-mobile laptop (Im sure Shea could use a 512 stick, too), and I think I passed some laptop RAM to lauren as well, for her sister's Toshi.


Motorola RAZR Modding starters:
Backup your phone Make a flash/flex backup with Random's Flash Backup (doesnt work for V3r's, Ive already tried.
This will make a direct copy of your phones firmware/software/files - you need a very good amount of battery left for this, but for modding I always recommend 100% batt, or at least as close to that as possible. (which is easy enough since the RAZR can charge off any computer equipped with the USB powa)
Now this flash backup tool DOES NOT work for v3r, like I said before, due to bootloader incompatibility.
After the flash backup has been made, make a direct file system backup. What I mean by this is use a P2k software (I will list the softs I use for reference at the end) to directly copy all folders and files to a specific location on your computer's HDD so as to save all your files (this wont save anything you have stored to the SIM card, but as long as you never lose/break/put a magnet near your SIM card, its data will NEVER be lost (contacts, text messages, carrier/customer info)
Alrighty now that you have 2 effective all-purpose backups (or just one for poor v3r owners like myself) you want to upgrade the firmware. This CAN be tricky now that there are SO many versions of the V3 series phones out now. A lot of firmwares (v3, v3c, v3i, v3m, v3x, v3r, v3t) are not cross-phone compatible, even cingular v3r firmware is NOT compatible with t-mo's myfaves v3r phones due to the god damn bootloader no one seems to be able to find/make/edit/update.

Updating the firmware CAN very possibly brick your phone if you do it wrong. (I did it with my old v620, and v330 phones)

To avoid bricking the phone (either repairably or irrepairably) - I suggest reading a shit-ton of info, provided at (need to register w/ a valid email for downloads) and (probably needs registration for something, although I havent reg`d there yet)

Here is a flex/flash guide if you are interested

Ok say you are too lazy (like me) to find a suitable firmware. Yea, fuck that shit, these phones are new enough anyways XD

Changing the outer LCD picture (cingular logo, or tmo logo) while the flip is open
This is simple enough, just make a pretty 96x80 pixel .gif file (no transparency, and as few colours as possible - I used under 64 colours and mine is badass) use a p2k soft to upload it to the phone (I dont remember when the file IS per-say, but if you can read, and have a good p2k soft, then it shouldnt be TOO hard, eh?)
Reboot the phone (either using the soft, or just doing it yourself with the phone's power button) to see the changes (this will apply to anything you change on your phone, and is MANDATORY for SEEM editing)

Oh wait, 'WTF is SEEM editing?' you ask, well let me pull some one else's guide since Im not going to type it all out.

Guide to SEEM editing Now that you hopefully know what SEEM editing is, and how to perform such a modification, we can move on to more difficult things. This includes 'unbranding' a phone, changing the menu (from 9 icons to 12), adding the FEM(engineering menu), enabling weird features like airplane mode, adding custom carriers (mostly for use when you cant get a good signal from the cell you are connected to), and/or altering the 'GAIN TABLE' for volumes and what not.

Here is a FULL list of known SEEM edits as well as a full list of GAIN TABLE edits and descriptions, even includes known MENU edits (MMA files).

That is basically all I know. If have any further questions, call/text me, leave me an IM/email or just leave a comment here.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

A General Update

So, to quickly recap somethings here...
I have a pearl grey RAZR, love it, but it needs work to make it perfect. I suggest a V3m or V3x, or just a regular V3 if you can find a shiny black. They are much easier and more fun to hack.

My Brother's Blood Machine was a bit disappointing, but overall I enjoyed the album enough to purchase it (and I got that sweet shirt as well, the one with the album art on it, the all-seeing eye.)

Ive modded the PS2slim to play games off of a run-of-the-mill Maxtor IDE hard drive. It isnt too hard, all you need is an external USB enclosure, the HDD, a copy of Swap Magic, a few handy apps, and some games to 'backup'. It works with NTSC/PAL/J-NTSC games, without the use of a modchip or soldering, how very convenient and safe :D

Firefox 2.0 is pretty good, Im noticing a bit less mem leak, and still a good amount of compatibility for plugins/etc, and a built-in spell checker, fucking saves my life sometimes!

The new releases of Azureus and Bitcomet torrent clients aren't all that handy, though. I reccomend using older versions if you can. Also, I recommend doanloading Peer Guardian 2 if you torrent, and maybe CCleaner if you browse the internet a lot. Also, TuneXP isnt too bad if you would like to optimize your WinXP install -- sorry I dont have any links for any of these great apps, but some clever Google usage may unearth good things. The devs for Peer Guardian are called 'Phoenix Labs' so only download Peer Guardian from the 'Phoenix Labs' webpage to ensure a virus/malware-less installer.

Soon enough the prices for AMD's Opteron (939 and 940 socket, dual or single core offerings for both) will come crashing down, reports tell me that we may be able to find Opteron 170s as low as 180USD, and 165s as low as 150USD. (both socket 939)
Both of these CPUs overclock very modestly and, In my opinion, are a much better buy than the Athlon X2 chips. They were made for serving, so multi-tasking is where their performance really shines, but running a FSB of 300mHz with a multiplier of x8, x8.5, x9, or even x9.5, I dont think much in that price range can even TOUCH the processing capabilities of that. However, to get these dual core units up about 2.9-3.0gHz, water cooling, and in some rare cases, even PHASE CHANGE cooling is necessary to keep core temps at a minimum (remember this new technology has one drawback, a low tolerance for temperature... Most techies will tell you to keep the dual core Athlon/Opteron CPUs under 65 degrees at full load torture, and then under 45 idle, based on an ambient temp of 32-35C.)

What else is their to quickly update upon... Well bejeweled is officially the MOST addicting flash/cellphone game Ive even played, Im playing it all the, when Im not playing PS2 games off my HDD (no load times woo woo)

I haven't heard much else of any real notability, so until my next update...

// Don't Let Them Scare You.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A New Layout, Once Again.

This time I enlisted the help of an esteemed co-worker, and best friend, Laurens. I started photoshopping up the basis for this layout, but could not get it exactly how I wanted it (I was also going about it half-assedly). After I asked her for help, in about 20 minutes she had made the original layout design look ten to fifteen times better than I had originally thought it could look. The end result is just stunning! She did most of the CSS for me as well, and chose the best combination of colours I have seen. The off-white/deep orange is awesome and complements the image map so perfectly :D

This has got to be my very favourite layout to date, and it'll be quite some time before I change it again since I've got it exactly how I want it now ^.^b
As you can see, its made from scans of the front and back covers of the new Armory Wars Sketchbook, blended together with some touches of a particular brush I happen to like a lot. Yea so, I use brushes; :P eff you.

Tell me what you think of it :D And if you like THIS layout, you'll love Lauren's other amazing creations, Kurai DOT nu, and Ivalice DOT nu (iNU).

Nothing new on the Coheed horizon yet, I'll let you guys know as soon as I get a leak from the very first Prize Fighter Inferno album, but still nothing, to my amazement.

//∴ With time I create
//∴ Invest investigate puzzle solved belated

//∴ If they could only say all the things they saw would they?
//∴ They were only boys

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update, finally

Yea, it has been some time since I updated this page.
Well I am attending MCC now, how incredibly easy it is. My calc teacher is a Gilbert High teacher though, so she always looks so tired and confused and run down when she finally gets to our class (starts at 7:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.) And in being a High School teacher, she teaches us like one, which is thoroughly annoying. At least at ASU the teachers were more professional about things, even though they did not give a damn about the material or the students.
However, I suppose it could be worse. I foresee that I will grow tired of this place before long, so Ill be needing to talk to the good guys over at ITT and see what they can do for me.
For those of you interested, I will be still going for that B.S.E. in Computer Systems Engineering, just not from that god damned, wretched ASU... Ill be cold and ignorant and dead in the ground before I hand them more of my hard-earned cash (or rather, easily earned government financial aid grant monies) for their pathetic instruction.

I am looking forward to being taught straight forward and in a hands-on approach so I can REALLY learn how to be an engineer. I don't need English, I do not need to be taught to think like an engineer, and I certainly do not need cultural awareness, for fuck's sake.

Ok enough of my pathetic ramblings about my life. About the site. Sorry for the confusion and poorly devised linking plans for the newest Coheed acoustic mp3s. I fucked that up royally D:
If there are any more things I have missed, broken links and otherwise, do not be shy to contact my VIA AIM - my screen name is DontPassTheFence.
I love it when anyone that has questions/comments/praise/helpful tips/information messages me in regards to anything Coheed related.
Or even if you just wanna shoot the breeze and bullshit, I can do that as well most of the time, however if I don't answer in like fifteen minutes, I might actually be doing some work at work, and for that I apologize in advance since I never remember to put up an away message when I am actually working.

Next subject: Cars.

To my dismay, I did NOT obtain that 2002 Mazda Miata that I was sooooo close to owning. It seems my credit is STILL not good enough to qualify me for a 13,000$ used car loan. Damn it :(
I'm keeping the Grand Am, and slowly fixing it up and selling some parts I do not need anymore.
However, the black headlights are staying, and I should someday update my Car page with new pics and what not.

I still have plans to obtain a 2002 Mazda Miata, but it will have to wait until February of next year, and at the latest, May of next year. (since I will NOT be fixing the Grand Am's broken a/c, I can drive it throughout the fall, winter, and most of spring, but summer will fucking kill me like it did this year :/

I think that is about it for now... I don't have much time lately to update as much as I'd like to, what with 35hr/wk at work, classes, fixing the stupid car, and playing Sacred: Underworld.
I gotta tell you, this game is effing amazing. Its much like Diablo 2, in that you are good, must fight evil, 8 character classes, set items, rare items, magical items, slotted items, awesome magic and combat arts... But it has some really cool shit Diablo didn't, like custom combos, more weapons, more D&D themed skills/attributes, more dragons, demons, dryads, nymphs, 4 or 5 different species of elves :D
If you don't know about the game, I suggest you at least try it, its only 20$ now, and runs flawlessly on even MY LAPTOP
If you want more info on the game, hacks, trainers, hex editing, copying the game disc (FOR BACKUP PURPOSES ONLY FFS!), feel free to contact me VIA AIM. And for those of you that DO play this amazing game, I have a level 28 Battle Mage and a level 25 Dark Elf as of now :D I'm so addicted, and I haven't had a good PC RPG to play since I got bored with Neverwinter Nights!

That is all for now, and as always...
'Don't Let Them Scare You...'

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Slight Alterations

Ah yes, it has been sometime since I updated this thing... First off, I'm sure someone has noticed that I moved the navigation links a bit, and now Internet Explorer users don't have to laugh at my poor layout. To the best of my knowledge my website now views correctly in FireFox and IE5+ (except that in IE it is not centered, but I can live with that. Also the re-design leaves a bit of extra space on the sides for those of you on smaller resolutions (even 800x600 users can view most of the content now.)

I am thinking of a new layout, but I am far too lazy to make another one so soon, and I have not found an image I like more than this one from the Good Apollo CD booklet.

Also, it has come to my attention that I have stirred a bit of controversy with my hosting of the highly rare and vastly coveted collection of Coheed/Shabutie/Prizefighter music files. I know it borders on the illegal or at least somewhat sneaky side of the law, but I want all of the die-hard fans to hear the amazing music that Coheed and Cambria made before they were actually Coheed and Cambria. However, if someone does contact me and relays to me the implied legality of having these files up for grabs (for instance if Claudio himself tells me to stop sharing these wonderous files) then I will honor the request, and take them down. All other . legal actions aside, I would like NOT to be slapped with a lawsuit just for putting these few files on the internet, because the music is for the fans, and my website intends to do just that.

Well that is the end of my pseudo-rant today, if you have any questions/comments/requests/threats of legal action/etc you know where to contact me :D

'...In the Seventh Turning Hour, Will the Victim's shadow fall...'

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Coheed and Cambria The Trooper cover

Here it is, sorry it took me so long to locate - this is the live version that Coheed and Cambria is known to play at most live shows they do (its a rough recording, however)

I still can not find the acoustic version I have (its so friggin' awesome) Im sure its somewhere, and Ill post it in a new blog once I find the damn thing.

For now, here is the link:
Coheed and Cambria - The Trooper

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Best quote I've ever lifted from IRC

Yep, I was on the #4chan channel early this morning (on the network) and this kid spoke to us all. ''See, the true essence of freedom is being an asshole to someone instead of just killing them outright''
\\. IronCastKnight and here is the link to another person's web with the same quote :D

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Checking my web-stats

Yes, upon a thorough look through of my domain's statistics I have found that this site is generating a fair amount of traffic these days. I have also noticed that most of you internet users out there are viewing my website with IE versions 4 through 6; I'm most sorry to all of you users since you cannot view my site properly due to my lazy coding! Hopefully by the time summer rolls around I will have a bunch of time to reform my poor code and make sure all browsers view my site nearly the same. Right now your best bet is to use any version of Firefox, Opera, Konquer, and some versions of Safari. However the formatting errors that occur in most if not all versions of IE do not make the site entirely unreadable, just a bit messy. Again, I am sorry - look for revised content soon.

One more note, I still have the .mp3 downloads up since there has only been 1gig of bandwidth used for those over 2 months, so I guess I am not worried about bandwidth usage.
Oh, and I almost forgot -- I have fixed most if not all of the archived and back linked blog posts, so you can now directly view each individual post instead of just staying at the indexes of each (this is especially helpful to the RSS users and mobile browser users, as well as most Blogging bots and webrings :D )

Thanks to everyone who visits the site, I love seeing all the pretty hits on my many various graphs and charts - it is a good feeling to know that my knowledge is reaching a great many people from all over.

.// I'll Be Coming Home Pretty Soon... \\.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Coheed Information

It has come to my attention that a string Quartet has redone all of the songs on IKSSE:3 in a classical mood, and it is delicious! Its a must have for any hardcore Co&Ca fan.
Also of interest, I have uploaded a few songs of my own Coheed and Cambria collection - 3 from Coheed and 3 supposedly performed by The Prizefighter Inferno. Have a blast and download them all -- if my bandwidth starts to wane then I will take them down, but for now all is green so download away! :D

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Woo hoo, the new layout has been completed

Ah yes, 'tis so shiny. I started with a damn fine scan of a page from the Good Apollo CD booklet, and I went to town on that thing in Adobe Photoshop CS2 & CS1 on 3 different computers until I finally got it just the way I want it! Any feedback on the new layout/etc would be appreciated, and definitely let me known ASAP if there are broken links or something similarly messed up. Hope you enjoy the bigger and sexier layout (sorry Internet Explorer users and 800x600 screen resolution users,) both will not be able view the new site very well for it is designed for 1024x768 and Firefox (which are both the most commonly used as I type this) maybe someday Ill make it compatible in IE5+, but really, if you use IE you deserve to be shunned and beaten with a stick of some sort. IE5+ doesn't seem to like my CSS involving the navigation at the top left there, it messes with the vertical spacing creating chaos and black spaces everywhere between the core images of the layout, since I just sliced it, Im guessing the correct spacer gifs need to be implemented, but Im sooooo lazy. :P

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Woo hoo, the new layout has been completed

Ah yes, 'tis so shiny. I started with a damn fine scan of a page from the Good Apollo CD booklet, and I went to town on that thing in Adobe Photoshop CS2 & CS1 on 3 different computers until I finally got it just the way I want it! Any feedback on the new layout/etc would be appreciated, and definitely let me known ASAP if there are broken links or something similarly messed up. Hope you enjoy the bigger and sexier layout (sorry Internet Explorer users and 800x600 screen resolution users,) both will not be able view the new site very well for it is designed for 1024x768 and Firefox (which are both the most commonly used as I type this) maybe someday Ill make it compatible in IE5+, but really, if you use IE you deserve to be shunned and beaten with a stick of some sort. IE5+ doesn't seem to like my CSS involving the navigation at the top left there, it messes with the vertical spacing creating chaos and black spaces everywhere between the core images of the layout, since I just sliced it, Im guessing the correct spacer gifs need to be implemented, but Im sooooo lazy. :P

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Woo hoo!

All is well and good. It seems I did not fuck anything up, and both this page and the Coheed main page are up and running well, you may comment until your little faint of hearts are content. ^.^

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


did I fuck something up?

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Thursday, March 02, 2006


I had no clue, but some people actually take a look at this site from time to time for information about my favorite Band, Coheed and Cambria! So, in light of these wonderful people, I will verify my sources and start adding more storyline information to the Coheed section (which is located here. Maybe I'll find a way to convert it to the same format as this page, what with the commenting back and the blog-styled layout for ease of reading and feedback. :D Again, thanks to you girls and guys that love my interpretation of the tale of Coheed and Cambria, and a special thanks to Kat for contacting me and informing me that my information is of use. ^.^ Check back next week for (hopefully) a better layout in the Coheed section.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

If you haven't heard yet, you may be educationally challenged.

The internet may become more restricted than it already is. I speak of big brother and huge corporations seeking to control every nook and cranny of the internet. We all know a bunch of the internet is shit, but come on, without the shit we wouldn't have all the spiffy and free things we get as kick backs as a result of the 'shit' on the internet. Like torrents. Everyone loves torrents, they are legal (for the most part, haha) and they are easy to get your hands on. With big brother controlling OUR internet, and controlling where WE can go, cool shit like Torrents would be non-existant. We need to rebel quickly to save our rights. As the internet is a virtual 'life' persay, it should hold the same laws and rights as the 'real' world.

To read more you can go here.
Go my friends, rise up and assure the we all get the freedom we deserve.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

A Sad Day for Music

The band Juliana Theory has called it quits after 9 amazing years of making stellar music. They have said there are no hard feelings, all 5 of them thought this was the best idea, they have moved on I guess... To read the entire story head over here. I love The Juliana Theory's music. It is full of raw emotion and amazingly deep lyrics. I've gotta say this is a dark day for music, darker than usual. I'll leave you guys with a long quote that I liked from the blog post. ''Considering how rushed we were, we all think that "Love" turned out pretty well. Sure, it certainly could have been better, but songs like "White Days," "Jewel to Sparkle," and "Everything" are some of the best songs we've ever recorded. With this record, more than before, some fans complained that we changed our sound. We know we lost a part of our fan base when that record came out but that's just how it is now. Personally, as fans of music, if a band or artist that any of us loves puts out a record that we don't like, we still stay loyal to that artist and await the next record. Looking around now at the ADD society that we live in, things just are not that way any more. Many kids, especially in the "scene" that we ended up pigeonholed by, don't seem to have the patience or loyalty to stick with an artist if they make a record that is a bit different. Young music fans now are quick to dismiss and disown a band that changes their sound or their ideas. To see an example, just look at the posts on a website like that will be inevitable when this news reaches websites like it. Many young music fans don't seem to believe in loyalty. You can't really blame the kids though. MTV and the fast food generation have made it all too easy to jump from one thing to another without ever looking back.''

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Video Gaming Revolution for me

Ye,s as the title suggests. this morning was a rather epic period in my life where I can say, it gets no better than this. Ever since 1992, I have been a video game nerd. I got my SNES and played the shit out of games like Super Soccer, Super Mario World, Mario All Stars, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and etc etc etc. Now, nearly 15 years later it has happened, I have acheived a bit of greatness myself.
I finally hooked up the 8 system switch I got from Pelican, and plugged in my new slim PS2, XBox, GameCube, Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis, and SNES at the same time. (I of course had my Gamegear and GBSP sitting off to the side like good little handhelds) I had GT4 in the PS2, NFSU2 in XBox, Super Smash Bros Melee in the GC, Marvel v Capcom in the DC, Nights into Dreams in Saturn, Samurai Shodown in Genesis, and of course LoZ: A Link to the Past in SNES. I watched in joy as I flipped though the switches on the box as the title screen of each game appeared on my TV, now of course I am not good enough to play all 7 at the same time, so I turned them all off and played some LoZ to pass the time. Now that everyone knows Im a nerd of the highest class, Ill close this update with a quote showing how much a nerd I really am.
'The Legend Will Never Die'

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

My first update with my new blog-enhanced index page :D

.\\ After a bit of convincing from the Laurels, I decided to integrate "The Blogger" into my index.html (this page!) It did not take very long, and now I can update my page from any computer connected to the internet, fancy that, technology at its finest. My one gripe with this system is that I am heavily tied to 'the man' now, since my website is now entered into the internet VIA Blogger, and as we all know Blogger is heavily associated with "The Google." Hopefully the man won't bring me down to his level. Watch back for more spiffy blog-enhanced updates. PS: The word of the week is 'blog-enhanced'; write that down. tl;dr

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.\\ Finally! my desktop did have an older version of my index page, so I got my content back! Score one for me, and take that 'ya fucking internet. Not much else to write about ehre, so I'll leave it at that. Maybe some day I'll get those forums back up, abnd get a blog for this page; then fix the film blog as well...


.\\ Aha an update before the end of the month, INSANITY I TELL YOU! PURE SHENANIGANS! Anyways, not much to report, Im lazy and bored right now, although I SHOULD be studying for that calc Final on Saturday... Either way, meh! The car is doing well, except for the squealing noise when driving in the cold. Hellsing is out tomorrow! I can not wait! As of now I have watched more anime than I ever thought possible. 162 eps of Naruto (patiently awaiting the 163rd), 3 seasons of Initial D (plus one movie and one OAV), 6 eps of Samurai Champloo, and about 60 eps of Rurouni Kenshin. All of that in the past couple of months. I guess watching free fan subbed anime on my 19'' monitor is better than watching pathetic American tv on my television. :D - Well that is all for now, until next time, have a Merry X-mas, a KraZy KawanZa, a Happy Chanukah, and a solemn and dignified Ramadan; and say no to RICE. Also: Fuck ASU, Fuck their parking and transit Department, Fuck Discount Tire Co., and Fuck pronouncing AeonFlux right. (its actually 'E-on', rather than my preferred way of saying 'AY-on')


.\\ Ok so I was not going to do a full news update, but its seems in the 3 days I slacked off on doing a half-assed update, I accumulated enough going-ons to necessitate a 'real' update. First, I got the lowering springs on the Grand Am. About a week ago I had totally given up hope on this damn car since everything seems to be falling apart lately, and I constantly bitch about how much money it is costing me. However, I did not stop to think that I can just replace each thing that is broken, one part at a time, slowly but surely and all that jazz. Besides, my car is basically my only hobby, so why not spend a large percent of my income on the damn thing. So next up is a new set of tires, I'm thinking 225/45R17 Kumho Ecstas. However, I may go with the 215/50R17 since I had a 215mm wide tire on the stock rims, and looking at those, they are quite wide enough.

Anyways, I'm willing to bet most people don't care about my little Pontiac shitbox, so onto some other news-y stuffs.

I have come to realize, just now, that people with one hand must really be pissed off. Why? Simply because one hand washes the other. If you think about it, that lame little cliche is quite correct; you rub your one hand with your other one, it is nearly impossible to wash one hand by itself.
I know that is horrendously random, but bare with me here, it gets better...

Have you ever wondered why Necrophilia is usually associated with having sex with the dead? Well, necrophilia actually means more broadly 'to have a fondness for corpses or the dead', but today it is always used in reference to raping a corpse.
But if you think about it, since there are necrophiliacs out there, they just LOVE the dead, they are fascinated with corpses for some sick reason. However, if you just chill with a dead person, it isn't that fun; they cant do much, since they are dead. (see where I'm going with this?) -- You can't play chess with a dead person, they cant play chess! They have a physical inability to play a game of chess due to their death.
The only thing a dead person can do is get raped... however, it isn't rape, since they cant say no. See? Its all good...

Now that you most likely think I'm one sick individual, I bid you ado. And don't forget, 12.19.05 the new Hellsing OVA is released in Japan, so expect those DVDrip torrents to follow close behind :D


.\\ Ah yes, nearly a month later. I may make a habit of this, monthly updates seem to be working out well XD
Anyways, I have been doing a bit of cleaning up around the site, the forums are dead, for some reason the MySQL database shit the bed... I may attempt to fix that in the near future. My blogs are left half finished since I'm extremely lazy, and b2evo sucks ass.
The car still has 2 different sets of rims on it, lol ricer lol
Uhmm... Also I should have the full tale of the dreaded camping trip up here soon, I just need to resize the pics so I don't get yelled at by slow DSL users or those few 56kers left out there. So many pics, nearly 100 from one digi cam, not to mention the other sources. So keep your fingers crossed for that.

That is all for now, happy halloween and don't do drugs. Unless its crack in a can XD

psst, that's an inside joke, psst.


.\\ So that is my bad for not updating in nearly a month, but things are always busy over here and my poor domain gets neglected. I am revamping a few areas of the site, namely the forums, links, and contact info areas. Links are now up, and anyone can link to me, or ask that I like to them, link exchanges are fun :D
In other news, recently I have been working on a few pages that are not my own, a few for work, a few for friends. Etc, etc.
The first of which is, as you can clearly see these guys need some major help, yeesh! Not to mention, these guys have yahoo web hosting, oh noes!!!1!1!11!11!!2
Keep checking those sites as well for updates, since I have some new content and new layouts for each web site, that I hope will go public by the end of this week.
I would like to end this update with some hope for the future, since I am taking nothing but night courses during my next semester at ASU, that will hopefully give me more time during the day to maintain this site.


.\\ Ok, the transfer has not gone smoothly, as some may have noticed, but it is near completion. Also, the forums are beginning to take shape, as well as my blog and php-nuke tools. A lot of spiffy content and shit is on the horizon! And I'm slowly learning how to port forward and use php and mysql. This is nuts.
Also, I just got Neverwinter Nights Platinum, so that will indefinitely slow down my progress. And a big thanks to Laurels for helping me transfer the domain, as well as teaching me so much along the way. Laurels = (Best)^infinity.


.\\ I am currently under going a domain transfer since Name Secure is a subpar service, and Lauren has enlightened my ignorant ways. She has shown me the shiny path to salvation, and it leads right to Influx Web Hosting. These guys kick ass, and I've already partially set up a forum, as well as some other bitchin' new features. Stay tuned for more info. :D


.\\ I have added a bunch of new stuff to the Coheed page, and I have begun putting the various theories and interpretations together, email me or aim me if I left anything out or something... Also, I have begun work on the section of my site for my car. I know there is a great need for pictures on this site, and I shall be getting some soon.


.\\ I finally broke down and got my own domain like all the cool kids... Keep checking back for my awesome random updates and the such...

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All words contained herein are property of Matt (unless expressed or quoted otherwise), and may or may not be intellectual. This 'intellectual' property may or may not be fact, and will contain errors. For that, I am sorry ^.^b