Anyone can link to me for free, and I will link to most anyone unless you happen to be affiliated positively with Cobalt and Calcium.
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- Lauren's shiny site with lots of big words I dont understand. XD

- Lauren's new domain about Ivalice and the great tale behind Final Fantasy Tactics, quite possibly the best tactical RPG ever made.

Carl's personal web page - I'd also like to thank Carl for the Prize Fighter Inferno leaks he has provided to me, he's another one of my great contbuters, so if you visit his page, be sure to thank him as well. ^.^

Grand Am Owners Club Forums, aka the GAOC - Where everyone who drives a Pontiac Grand Am can go to show off their car and get tips and solutions from other GA owners. Best forums on the internet, by far.

Severed-Ties is better than Cobalt :P

FreeBSD the Ultimate UNIX build
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