• Engine code: LD9
  • 2.4L displacement; Inline-4, Dual Overhead Cam design. (internally balanced)
  • Makes 155hp @ 5500rpm and 165ft/lbs of torque @ 2400rpm and 4400rpm
  • Only a warm air intake and an HO IDI cover.


  • Black factory paint
  • No more antenna
  • Shaved trunk Grand Am emblem
  • Red vinyl over all 3 GT emblems
  • Tinted tailights with red turn signals instead of ugly amber
  • Smaller replacement foglamps
  • Sylvania Silverstar 9006 to 9005 bulb conversion
  • White LEDs in the front corners
  • Deleted front marker plate holder
  • Black vinyl over the side markers
  • 5% Tint on all windows (except the windshield)


  • Pontiac OEM CD Player (with 8 channel equalizer, yay) to replace the busted up OEM tape deck
  • New rear-view mirror with custom wired map lights (from a Grand Prix)
  • Red-stitched black leather shift and e-brake boots
  • Hacksawed 3 inches or so off the stock shifter
  • Custom painted interior (Yes, I know I'm a ricer now.)
  • faux-leather seatcovers - black
  • Black floormats from the '89 Beretta GT (R.I.P.)
  • Custom leather wrapped center console armrest


  • Eibach lowering springs (thanks to Matt and Mark for all their help!)
  • Hankook Ventus RS-2 z212 tires: 215/45/R17(Z)
  • Enkei MM2 Gunmetal rims with a polished lip (thanks Scott for the killer deal on these)
  • Upper strut tower bar
  • KYB Gas-A-Just rear shocks
  • New wheel hubs and bearings
What else is broken? -- a/c and heat still don't work all too well, still need those struts...
The tiny light in the trunk works now! And I managed to wire up the Aeroforce Gauge, my new rear-view, and my mp3 player/FM tuner
Just replaced the lower engine mount as it was destroyed
I'm letting this car sit as is for awhile, I've got plans to get an 01-03 Miata SE (Titanium Grey with saddle brown int.) and making that little roadster FLY! Let's hope by this December I've got the funds :D Wish me luck

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