My Systems

Home Desktop

Motherboard - ASUS K8N-SLI Deluxe
    Support for Athlon, Athlon X2, and Athlon FX CPUs
    nForce 4 chipset
    4x DDR module slots, Dual Channel support
    8x SATAII, 4 RAID, 4 non-RAID
    2x PCI-e with Dual-SLi mode support
    4x PCI
    10x USB 2.0
    2x Gigabit Ethernet
    2x Firewire
    6 channel audio w/ S-PDIF

Central Processing Unit - AMD Athlon 3500+ Venice Core
    Details: Clock speed 2gHz stock; Overclocked to 2200mHz, 512kb L2 cache - Max Temp 65 degrees Celcius

Random Access Memory - 2GB total of system memory, 333mHz frequency, at stock voltages
    1x Kingston 1GB 400mHz DDR module
    1x Corsair 512KB 400mHz DDR module
    1x OCZ 512kb 333mHz DDR module

Graphics Processing Unit - XFX GeForce 6600 Pro
    Details: GPU Overclocked to 555mHz with 256MB of DDR2 VRAM, memory frequency of 1125mHz
    2x DV-i outputs
    1x S-Video composite out (currently connected to my 35'' flatscreen TV :D)

Monitor - Acer generic Flat Panel 19''
    Details: 1280x1024 max resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time, 70Hz refresh rate

Hard Disk Drive(s) - 690GB of SATA II storage space
    1x Western Digital 250GB, 16MB cache, 8ms seek time, SATA II transfer 3GB/sec (backup)
    1x Western Digital 160GB, 16MB cache, 8ms seek time, SATA II transfer 3GB/sec (Torrents)
    1x Western Digital 160GB, 8MB cache, 8ms seek time, SATA II transfer 3GB/sec (Win2k, music)
    1x Western Digital 120GB, 8MB cache, 8ms seek time, SATA II transfer 3GB/sec (WinXP, apps)
    Soon to be in RAID 5 array

Optical Drive(s) - 2x LiTE-ON DVD+-RW/Dual Layer, CD-RW
    DVD speeds: 16x/24x/16x
    CD speeds: 48x/36x/36x

Input/Output Devices) - Eclipse Gaming Keyboard, Logitech Wiresless Mouse
    Blue-backlit keyboard, with 3 levels of brightness
    Mouse intended for use with a notebook, but works even better with my desktop (best tracking ever)

Case - All black generic case, with blue LED mods, blue LED fans
    Details: Space for 4x 5.25'' drives, and 8x 3.5'' drives
    Ambient temperature between 30 degrees Celcius and 42 degrees Celcius

Power Supply - Antec Power
    450W max with support for 120v and 240v connections
    Complete with 6 legacy power, 2 sata power, and 2 mobo power
    Blue LEDs and dual fans, reflective graphite exterior for extra shinies
    Black braid-wrapped cables for less wire tangles

My HP L2000 Notebook

Central Processing Unit - AMD Turion(TM) 64 ML-37 (2.0GHz/1MB L2 Cache)
Random Access Memory - 768MB DDR SDRAM (1x512MB, 1x256MB)
Hard Disk Drive - Western Digital 60 GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive (8MB cache)
Optical Drive - HP DVD+-RW (with Dual Layer) / CD-RW Combo Drive
Graphics Processing Unit - ATI RADEON(R) XPRESS 200M, 128MB shared VRAM
Monitor - 14.0 WXGA BrightView Widescreen (1280x768 resolution)
Wireless Adapter - Broadcomm 802.11b/g WLAN
Power Supply - 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
Misc - 3x USB 2.0 ports
     1x S-Video Out
     1x Monitor Out
     1x Etherner port, 56K fax modem port
     6-in-one Media Card Reader
     1x PCMIA slot
     1x Firewire port

My Office Workstation (so Lame)
Motherboard - ABit A6 with nForce2 chipset
Central Processing Unit - Intel Celeron D (2.66gHz)
Random Access Memory - 2x Kingston Value 512KB DDR 400mHz
Hard Disk Drive - Western Digital ATA300 80GB HDD
Optical Drives - 2x LiTE-ON DVD+-RW (with Dual Layer) / CD-RW combo drives
Graphics Processing Unit - Intel Extreme Graphics Acceleration (onboard)
Monitor - Generic 19'' Flat Panel, 650:1 contrast ratio, 1280x1024 max resolution 8ms response time
Input / Output Devices - Generic wireless keyboard, Logitech wireless mouse
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